Fuel Cost Calculator FCC - Free

The app is for drivers who want to track their car's fuel costs.

fcc - free

The application is designed to work with ANDROID 4.1 OS installed Smartphone or up version of Android operating system.
Its name is Fuel Cost Calculator /FCCF/. 
The application has the following features:
1. To store database with odometer reading in the moment when car is loaded with fuel and the amount we paid;
This application is intended for: all who use the car every day and want to be able to monitor the expenditure made for loading it with fuel, using smartphone.
In the "Km" enter the odometer reading when loading fuel.
In the "$" enter the amount you are paid when loading fuel (do not need to be in dollars).
With the button "SAVE” we record the entered two numbers in the database. 
With the button "VIEW" we review all the records from the database.
Buttons “GET INFO”, “EDIT ROW“ and “DELETE ROW“ use to work with the database.

Buttons "ROWS", "SUM" and "MONTH" used to create reports in FCC - PRO.


fcc - free app  fcc - free app  

fcc - free app