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This is an Android Application for Smartphones and Tablets.
The Application is designed to create pictures that can be printed on paper and then stained by children with crayons.
The picture that will be colored by the children consists various objects /trees, shrubs, animals, rocks, birds, digits etc. /.
The program set 269 different objects /CoCoPa-Full/ from which we choose what will be in our picture.
The other possibility is to create mathematical problems for children using different numbers of objects / 1 bear + 2 bears = 3 bears /.
Application features:
  1. Easy to use;
  2. Simply;
  3. No need for uninterrupted internet connection;
  4. Sending files by Printer, Skype, Viber, Facebook,  …;
  5. Save the file;
  6. Delete the saved file;
  7. A fun way to learn math problems.