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Wednesday, 11 November 2015 19:57

Android App.

Hotel Manager App


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Hello Mr. / Mrs. hotel manager AAA
offers you a software through which you can improve your business at the hotel, who runs.


AAA hotel website contains informatsia availability at the time of examination of its pages.

The software that offers you solve this particular problem.


Through the employee who is at the front desk can provide this information on the website of the hotel at any time of the day when it release some of the hotel rooms.


The necessary software is installed on a tablet or smartphone operating system ANDROID 3.0 or later.


How does the software that you suggest?


Users of the software are of two types:

admin / admin / and registrar /user1, user2, user3, user4/.

Each log in with your username and password.


Admin / admin / can:

1. Enters room / sr101, sr102, .. /;

2. Number of nights / 1,2,3, ... /, which would later use in their daily activities registrars.

3. To generate a table of completed activities / registration room or release room / far from the registrar. This table can be generated on Monday for the activities carried out in the previous week.

4. Transfer the data from the table in item 3 in the file format. Csv, which will allow the processing of this data in EXCEL program


5. Created in item 4 file can be sent via e-mail as prikayuen file to an e-mail and so can be accessed directly from the computer which is open mail. This avoids the inconvenience of a file transferred from a tablet laptop or computer.

6. Delete data items 1, 2 and 3 and to create new ones.


Registrar / user1, user2, user3, user4 / can:

1. register to reserve a room and time for which it is reserved / one day, two days ... /;

2. Released from Book rooms and time from which they are released;

3. Sends current information about the hotel database of your hotel, then where this information is displayed on the page of your hotel .

Thus, any potential client of yours will have this information when visiting a page from the website of your hotel .

Where data contains the table are:


1. Free Rooms; 2. Busy Rooms;

3. All Rooms; 4. User; 5.Data; 6.Time.


If you are interested in you, I can not answer arisen in you comes to offering my software.


Can you provide a demo-version to test it on a tablet or smartphone, which has ANDROID 3.0 or later version of the operating environment.


I await your reply to represent you for your interest in me from the proposed software.


I wish you a successful day!

Petrov Petar Velichkov


3800 Kula



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